At Ragged Rock, we are proud of our desire and effort that we put forth to meet the needs of our much valued clientele.

Visions of Grandeur

Ragged Rock Marina was developed in 1973 by Donald Van Epps, who had a vision of the marsh being a viable possibility for a marina. Shortly after, his vision came to fruition and for over 40 years the marina has been a landmark in the Old Saybrook area.

Where the River Meets the Sound

Ragged Rock is located just past the railroad bascule bride. On the western shore is the entrance to the half-mile long channel that accesses Ragged Rock's extremely well-protected, deep, virtually enclosed basin. Once inside, the environment is quiet, rural and "boat yard"; views are of the surrounding marsh, with its stands of sea oats, and the basin which is literally filled with docks.

A Team of Professionals

The current President is Joan Van Epps but handling the day to day operations is Donna Van Epps, who also serves as the marina's Vice President. Ragged Rock is proud of our Senior Yardman, John Champion who has been in our employ for 37 years and our Yard Foreman, Kevin Detoro who has been with us for 27. Both foremen have been employees of Ragged Rock Marina for more than twenty-five years and are extremely experienced, knowledgeable, and equipped to handle your needs.

Comfortable & Relaxed

Ragged Rock Marina is a relaxed yard, allowing boat owners to work on their own boats, and employ outside contractors to service their vessels, which most marinas don't allow. Though, yard mechanics are available upon request. We have just recently purchased a new 25 ton marine travel lift, which enables us to haul, launch, and store larger vessels.

Two marina buildings anchor each side of the basin. The east side houses one set of heads, while the west side houses one set of heads along with laundry facilities. A four foot spot tends to shoal at the entrance, but is dredged regularly. A pool is being considered, researched, and hopefully will come to fruition.